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The Molenmarkt (windmill market) takes place every second saturday in September in the area around the windmill in Wageningen. On this day there are a series of activities in the close proximity of the windmill: a market with many market stalls, a children’s flea market, music and dance on two podia and many other different activities for young and old in the streets around the windmill.

The windmill in Wageningen dates from 1879 and was reopened in 1979 following a full renovation.

The market itself has different areas. The part closest to the windmill is dedicated to organic production. In the Harnjesweg there is the more general fair part with a wide variety of market stalls, from ancient crafts to jewelry to cloths and many other items. In the Oude Eekmolenweg many voluntary organisations present themselves to the public and in this same street market stalls that are dedicated to developments in sustainability can be found. The Veluviaweg is during this day for the youth: here is the children’s flea market, this year again continuing in the upper part of the Ceresstraat.

In addition to the market activities that take place throughout the day, there are many other activities. Most prominent are the musical performances on the two stages, one next to the windmill and the other in the Harnjesweg opposite to the meeting centre ‘Ons Huis’. The programme for both podia are published on this website ‘Podium programma’ (in Dutch).

Also, specific activities will take place for the youngest children up to teenagers in the area Veluviaweg/square area in the Ceresstraat (mostly for the youth) to the area ‘upper part of the Ceresstraat’/ Oude Eekmolenweg (primarily for teenagers).